The Noble Hospice Difference

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INTRODUCTION: Noble Hospice recognizes that as the population ages, senses start to diminish. This is particularly prevalent with the Alzheimer and Dementia population. When these sensory changes occur, it can easily add to the frustration and anxiety that our geriatric population is already feeling. In essence, it can worsen dementia related confusion and mood disorders. Studies have shown that by stimulating senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch) for patients with these disorders, we can provide a more calming and relaxing environment. In return, this will decrease anxiety/depression/confusion/pain and will improve overall mood and cognitive function.

BENEFITS: Although Noble Hospice is not continuously at bedside with patients, it is our objective to provide patients, families, caregivers, and communities the tools needed to stimulate senses throughout the day. The benefits that patients may see as concluded from studies is decreased agitation, increased socialization, increased concentration, increased alertness, and improved self-concept. This will not only improve the patient’s well-being, but it will also reduce caregiver strain. Noble Hospice truly gets joy out of the ability to provide a more naturopathic/holistic approach to providing comfort care.

Noble Hospice continues to add on additional tools but currently we are offering the following assistance based on the unique need of the patient we are treating:

SMELL – Noble Hospice lends diffusers and provides essential oils to provide a calming environment.

SIGHT - Noble Hospice provides stimulating colored sensory pillows and sensory blankets and will soon start to lend baby dolls and stuffed animals. HEARING- Noble Hospice provides some diffusers that include wireless Bluetooth speakers in which patients/caregivers can play music with.

TOUCH - Noble Hospice provides stimulating sensory pillows, lap pads with a variety of textures and activities, and will also be introducing baby dolls and stuffed animals.